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Sundays at The Prince Albert Sound so good!

Back with us for your entertainment on the first Sunday of 2018

Their last performance with us was fantastic and we expect this one to be the same...

Here's a little about them.

In The early 1980,s, a band called 'Cryin Out Loud' was duly formed, the two founding members Steve & Gene. They quickly developed a knowledge and understanding on how to work with each other and the band went on to enjoy a popular following.
Although the band was only together for a short period, the foundations were laid.

Steve had gained early experience in a top club band' called Seven percent (7%).This was a seven piece band with exceptional talent. This is where Steve became friends with the musicians he would play together with in future years.

After leaving 'Seven precent' Steve formed a band called 'Bowler' another popular band on the club circit, but the increasing demand for three piece bands and duos were gaining momentum.
Bands with 4 or more members were getting harder to book.

'Easy Street' a duo which later become a trio with an added Keyboard player was formed which went on to play many prestigious gigs.

'Even Stevens' and the 'Overwieghts' made up the rest of the band which Steve has featured in.

Before the days of 'Cryin Out Loud.' Gene had been in a couple of bands playing in pubs and trying to develop his song writing skills. This played a big part when forming 'Cryin Out Loud' with Steve. the band mainly gigged self -penned songs but Steve moved on.
Gene joined a well established five piece band called 'Prime Time' This gave him experience of playing cover songs in clubs

Once again getting bookings for a five piece band was becoming ever harder so with the help of Steve's ex bass player and the vocalist from 'Prime Time' they formed a trio 'Second Image' This too would have personel changes over the years untill. we eventually come full circle

Deuce is where Gene and Steve join forces again, this was a pledge they always said they would keep after they pursued there own interests in different bands many years ago. 

Deuce Acoustic Duo

Posted by princealbert on November 2, 2017

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