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Sundays at The Prince Albert

Carrie is a favourite for entertaining us here at The Prince Albert.

You may have remembered her from when she used to host the bandeoke evenings here quite some time ago now.

You may have seen her before at one of the Sunday Club events that she organises here every 1st Sunday of the December with her co host, Evie Shaw...

You may also have heard her singing over the top of the DJ's during the soul or the club classics night.

You may have enjoyed her playing the piano every now and again at the back of the pub..

She may have even taught your friends or your friends' children at their schools or her own CarrieSimpsons School of Music (CSM)

Or you may have tripped over her on youtube where she has a couple of recordings of her singing, which were recorded in the recording studio,


Well, she is back as The Pink 9, her highly acclaimed solo act. She accompanies herself with the piano, and also sings to backing track to exclusively sing for your entertainment.

Enjoy Carrie doing what she does best

Carrie Simpson as The Pink 9

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The Pink 9

Posted by princealbert on October 6, 2017